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Tips for Choosing the Best Cheap Mobile Phone

Looking for a new smartphone? It feels very easy to do. Because, in the current era, there are many smartphone products from various classes, ranging from cheap to expensive, all available in many choices. Unlike the high-end mobile phones, which are likely to get a cellphone that has a “small number”, searching for cheap cellphones requires more precision and knowledge. Especially regarding smartphone specifications so that we do not waste millions of rupiah just to get a smartphone which makes us frustrated. Why is that, one of the biggest mistakes consumers make in buying a cellphone is over-believing in advertising, even though the product is not necessarily in accordance with our needs. If you want to check more, there are still many other cellphones out there with better quality and specifications sold on viser deg billige mobiltelefoner med abonnement


In order not to experience the adverse things in buying cheap quality mobile phones, we provide tips on choosing a smartphone at the best price to best suit our needs:

1. Choose a cellphone from the Mid End Class

The purpose of the mid-end class mobile phone is the middle-class mobile phone, the price is not too cheap, but it can still be reached by the budget of most people. The price range is in the amount of Rp 2 million – Rp 3 million. Why should it be from the mid-end class? Because in terms of specifications, the quality of the mid-end class mobile phone is clearly much better than buying a handphone at the entry-level class. In addition, there are more choices for products for mid-end mobile phones, so we have the opportunity to choose the right product more easily.

2. See Chipsets Owned by Mobile

Ignorance of the specifications of low-quality mobile phones often traps many people to buy disappointing specs at prices that are too expensive. One that many people don’t know if the chipset or processor problem. For this problem, we recommend that you buy a smartphone that uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which is quite common in the market. For the series, we recommend buying from the Snapdragon 600 or Snapdragon 400 series.