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Components to Modify Your Car Audio

Components to Modify Your Car Audio

Nov 19, 2017

Some car owners want their vehicles to look charming and different from others, one of them by modifying the audio on their cars. Until now, adding very trendy audio devices among lovers of modifying cars. Well if you are currently looking for speakers for your car then we recommend car symphony as top 10 car speakers. You can easily find suitable speakers for you and your car is just a symphony.

Apart from that, Car audio modifications are not as practical as adding audio devices must be offset by an adequate power supply. The source of electricity is the battery or battery, but the battery is getting charging current from the alternator. Well, when getting a large load then the battery components will be screwed or alternator can be damaged.

The alternator is a component that should get attention when you want to modify Car audio. The lifetime of the alternator is usually 5 years, but if you get the addition of a large electrical load then it can reduce the life of the component. Filling capacity in the alternator usually leaves 5-10 A used as a backup. So when modifying the Car audio section by adding a subwoofer then it is necessary to make adjustments to the charging system.

The way to overcome the large electrical load is to replace the alternator with the appropriate capacity or can also be modified on the alternator. Alternator modification can be done by changing the coil inside the alternator. In the event of damage to the alternator is usually marked by a roar that comes from the wear of bearings caused by the load is too heavy. If that happens then it will cause the stator and rotor in the alternator to rub against and cause the coil to ignite. So do not forget to pay attention to the alternator when you want to modify the Audio on your favorite car.[/one_third]