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Two Simple Ways Of Carpet Caring

Two Simple Ways Of Carpet Caring

Jan 31, 2019

Actually, how to treat carpets at home that we will share this time is not much different from how to clean the carpet that we have previously reviewed specifically for you. Someone who often cleans and takes care of the carpet regularly, the carpet will be maintained its quality so that it will provide its own aesthetic value for anyone who looks at it. On the other hand, call the trusted tile cleaning north shore if you need to clean your floors and carpets by hiring professionals.

Below we will inform you about how to treat a good carpet at home:

Don’t step on it with shoes

The second tip you should pay attention to when you want to maintain the quality of your rug is never to step on it with shoes. For those of you who want to step on the carpet, then we recommend that you take off your shoes and footwear, then you step on your carpet.

As we explained earlier, some of the dust is mostly from shoes so you don’t just step on the carpet using your shoes. That’s why you have to take off all your footwear, then you can step on the carpet.

Placement of carpet

The first way you should pay attention is about placing your carpet. Maybe you already understand that carpets are easily exposed to dust and germs, especially if the carpet is often stepped on or occupied.

Therefore, to prevent your carpet from being exposed to dust and to suggest germ growth, we recommend that you do not place it in a place or room that has a fairly high level of activity. In addition, you should also avoid placing or placing the carpet in a place close to the shoe.

This is so that the dust that was originally attached to the shoe or shoe rack does not move to the carpet because the shoe rack is one of the convenient places for breeding germs. You are advised to put the carpet in the bedroom, living room, or you can also put it in the workspace.