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Understanding the technicals in SEO

Understanding the technicals in SEO

Jan 7, 2019

Google is increasingly tightening the backlink rules, every time the Google algorithm is updated to make the ranking of websites in search engine results more reliable and reliable. Then, before we go further into SEO technicals, let’s recall the differences between the terms below so that you can understand further explanations. However, sometimes every expert or company can use a few different terms just to facilitate understanding. You can visit the website of dallas seo to get the best SEO service or to ask us about SEO.

URL, example “”
Domain is “site”.
Root Domain, example “com”
Sub Domain, example “”
IP, example “189.83.218”. This is a kind of ID card/identity of a server computer.
Backlinks, are links from other websites that point to your website.

What about Domain Ref?
Referring Domain (ref domain), is a domain from which the backlink originates. Google likes it most when your backlink has a lot of domain ref. Because each domain can have hundreds or even thousands of urls / pages on a website and can be used to outsmart Google.

The portion between Number of Backlinks and Number of Ref Domains should ideally be balanced, if too far, Google will “accuse” you are cheating.

This you can check using the SEO Quake tool.

Next, a little explanation about IP
1 IP Server ( can only have 1 domain (, but it can also be 1 IP Server can consist of many domains (,,

The analogy is 1 IP Server Computer such as a Building, 1 Domain like a Company. 1 The building can only have 1 company, or 1 building can consist of many companies (domains).

If we use shared hosting services, the IP can handle many domains.

Referring IP, Well, Google likes backlinks from different IPs, not the same.