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You May Add Fur Carpets To Warm Up Your Home Interior

You May Add Fur Carpets To Warm Up Your Home Interior

Jul 23, 2019

One type of carpet that is currently in great demand by the public is fur carpets. Floor mats made from fur are one of the home interior accessories that many homeowners like. This type of carpet is in great demand because it has a soft and warm texture. Not only that, but this carpet is also very suitable to be applied in rooms with various models ranging from traditional interiors to modern minimalist. The carpet is able to give a modern, elegant and beautiful impression in the room. Meanwhile, if your fur carpet is very dirty, you may hire experts from ultra brite carpet tile cleaning.

The choice of size, model and price of this carpet is also quite varied. Moreover, the shape of the carpet can also be chosen according to tastes such as square, round, rectangular, or other custom shapes. The types of materials used to make this cloth include wool, silk, nylon, or even leather.

The type of carpet made from fur is not only comfortable and beautiful when viewed, but the model of the carpet floor is also able to reduce the sound and make the sound more beautiful. On the other hand, this carpet requires special care. Because this carpet has a cavity between its fur, usually the cavity becomes a place for lice, dust, dirt, and germs to nest.

Fur rugs are also able to absorb water so that it will make the room feel moist especially if there are drinks or food spilled on the carpet so you have to diligently clean it or suck the dust regularly to keep it clean. On the market today, both fur and fur replica carpets are more popularly called flokati carpets.

Animal fur that is often used to make these carpets includes cow fur, fleece, and other animal hair. This flokati carpet model is very suitable if placed in a family room, lounge or room where you and your family can lie down and relax on the carpet.

These carpets are best placed in semi-public or even private areas. The reason is that the purpose is to maintain the beauty of the carpet without a musty smell and dirty stains. The selected fur carpet design can be adjusted to the interior design of your home.

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