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You Want to getting a girlfriend? Some of These Things Make You Not Worthy of Being Beloved

You Want to getting a girlfriend? Some of These Things Make You Not Worthy of Being Beloved

Aug 8, 2018

for men, personality has become one of the things that women like. many women not only see the physical but also the personality and nature of the man. Unfortunately, there are still many men who don’t know the best way to get a girlfriend. Most of the men think that what is needed by a woman is perfect physical. Even though there is more than that.

There are some women who only consider a man to be a friend and not a partner. If you don’t want that, then you have to pay attention to some of these things for getting a girlfriend.

– You seem to be always kidding
If you always joke and consider your female friend as a sister, then you will be considered a man who is only worthy of being a friend. This does make your bond stronger, but you are considered not serious to face even having a higher relationship. Funny men are usually more comfortable as good friends who can remind you to see all sides in a situation.

– Easy going
If you are someone who won’t let stress affect you, then you will become a very annoying lover. With this nature, you will be worthy of being a friend but a lover. Many women always want to go to a more serious stage by getting married and not just going through it all casually.

– Too open
You who are often open to your female friends are indeed good personalities, but there are many secrets that you should not tell your friends. If you are a lover, obviously you are a lover who makes your partner uncomfortable.

– possessive
If you are a possessive person and do not like if your friends approach other men, then you are not very worthy of being a lover. Because usually women really want a man who believes in him and is not selfish or even possessive.